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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Party and Barn Dance - Warrington 2011

Below is a thank you letter from the organisers of a barn dance in Warrington:

"We had an amazing day.  The band is fantastic and we had a right laugh, they were so patient with us! 
We started with a heavy downpour which was good since it got all the kids under the gazebo so they had to join in at the start!  Then, the weather got progressively better. We've had lots of great feedback from our friends too.  Lots of them said it was the best day of their lives!   We'd have all danced more but we were shattered, but we were able to listen to the band in between.  It was perfect.  We were able to have a good relax and quenched our thirsts later on!
Thanks, once again. Becky and Nigel"
Afternoon/early evening Family Reunion Hoe Down & BBQ -
in the grounds of a farmhouse outside Warrington - 2011

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